September 21, 2020      
Last Data Update:20/09/2020

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Services for Investors
  • Portfolio statement
  • Shareholder Balance statement
  • Statement of account transactions
  • Lien reports
  • The dividends details
  • Statement of unclaimed dividends
Services for the Shareholding Companies
  • Download of the shareholders list
  • Company`s ownership percentage (Omani, non Omani, GCC nationality, Arab nationality, foreigners).
  • Printing of invitations and labels
  • Inserting of unclaimed dividends to the website through shareholding companies.
  • The details of the company`s shares.
  • Follow up of paid and unpaid amounts for the shareholders .
Services for the Brokers
  • Download of daily transactions
Services for the Lenders
  • Report of lien and pledged shares
  • Report of the reserved funds resulting from the lien shares.
  • Report of cash transactions resulting from the report of cash transactions resulting from the lien shares to the bank accounts and the details of these dividends.
  • Report of cheques issued to the beneficiary entities.
Services for Oman Central Bank
  • A list of applicable and redemption bonds.
  • List of the bondholders.
  • Summary of the payment interest.
  • Report of interest payment details.
  • Repot for the summary banking transfer.
  • Report of the contribution of the local banks in government development bonds.
  • Report of the paid interests for the total government development bonds IPO`s
  • Development bonds details
  • Monthly trading report of bonds