October 17, 2021      
Last Data Update:14/10/2021

Vision & Mission


To focus on strengthening the investment environment in the country and the region, by ensuring stability and creating efficiencies in an ever expanding Financial Services Industry.


To ensure integrity and safety of the financial markets and systems as a whole. To promote solutions that systematically reduce risks, enhance operating efficiency and minimize cost.


  • Establishment of a complete data input in the construction of a unified deposit with a high efficiency financial securities.
  • Using global standards used in developed capital markets.
  • Reducing the risks resulting from the completion of Exchange shares to ensure the safety of work and the regularity and the securities dealers" confidence.
  • Develop fair and fast secure internal regulations, instructions and procedures for the development of all services of the company, in order to achieve easy and efficient measures to ensure the rights of all dealers in securities.
  • Contribute to disclosure by working with regulatory agencies and legislation, to provide information and data, with required speed and precision.


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